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Dexone 10mg/mL | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Packing: 5mg/mL/5mL


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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate

Pack: 4mg/ml - 5ml


Innovagen Dexone (Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate) is a glucocorticoid, which is used in sport and bodybuilding (dexamethasone, beclomethasone, prednisolone), but only for short-term endurance increase (since this group belongs to the stress hormones) and also for inhibition of inflammation and pain in damaged joints and ligaments.

Due to the sharp decrease in secretion of catabolic hormones, in particular – of cortisol, metabolism is dramatically shifted towards anabolism during dexamethasone administering. While taking even small doses of androgen it can provide significant gains in muscle mass.

However, sometimes it may not give such a gain – in some cases a weight gain is achieved only through fat way (Dexamethasone increases the synthesis of higher fatty acids). And all sorts of trouble can happen, like acne, as a minimum, and nothing helpful will happen.

Moreover, the suppression of testosterone secretion may occur, which – if you’re not on a cycle of AAS – may result in a large drop in muscle mass size. So, if you've decided to use dexamethasone, do it only along with androgens and anabolic steroids. The use of dexamethasone leads to a faster regeneration after trainings - again due to suppression of catabolic hormones secretion, which is why for powerlifters it may be a very useful drug.


If dexamethasone is taken in bodybuilding it is very important not to exceed the recommended dosage. In this case, the “more” means only “worse” - side effects begin to appear at an incredible rate. In any case, it is better to stop at doses – 1-2 mg per day. Administering of daily dose is done once a day - in the morning after meals in a day that is free from training or after eating an hour before training.

During the course of dexamethasone exogenous growth hormone should not be used, due to the ability of dexamethasone greatly weaken the effect of the latter. The use of dexamethasone should be carried out in the form of short cycles – it is better not to exceed its duration of 2-3 weeks. The most reasonable is to use dexamethasone only on training days. In this case, it can be taken for a longer period of time.

Combination with other drugs

Use of dexamethasone should be carried out along with androgens and anabolic steroids intake. At the same time you should remember that the use of dexamethasone with estrogenic or androgenic drugs increases the period of its half-life in the body and, therefore, increases the risk of side effects. It is desirable to combine dexamethasone with triiodothyronine since dexamethasone reduces the overall level of thyroid hormones in the blood plasma. Such combination will prevent the deposition of fat to some extent in the abdominal region, which is quite typical for the use of dexamethasone. Dexamethasone reduces the effect of the following drugs:

• insulin (adjusted with metformin);

• antihypertensive drugs;

• antibacterial drugs.

At the same time, the effectiveness of dexamethasone is reduced by such drugs as ephedrine, phenobarbital, growth hormone, aminoglutethimide (orimeten). While the use of b2-adrenergic receptor blockers (atenolol, korvitol, propranolol) may cause deficiency of potassium in the body. It increases the excretion of potassium from the body when is used along with such diuretic as furosemide.


• Significant increase of acne

• Breaks of muscles and ligaments

• Problems with the digestive tract

• Problems with the adrenal glands

• Fluid retention

As for sports practice, the very unpleasant phenomenon may appear and that is the risk of osteoporosis - bone fragility may be increased due to the fact that the drug exhibits an antagonistic action with respect to vitamin D (there is a washout of calcium from the bones). Also, during long-term use of dexamethasone ligaments become not only flexible but they also soften, which, of course, also should be avoided.

Dexamethasone is not recommended for those who have a predisposition to diabetes and for people who suffer from this disease - the use of this drug increases insulin resistance. The drug should not be used by patients with gastric or duodenal ulcers, as well as with kidney failure. During infectious disease the use of dexamethasone should be stopped.


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