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NEO sarms - Andarine/S4 - 10mg/50tabs

Brand: NeoSarms, Canada

Packing: 10mg/50tabs


Quick Overview

Quality Check: See 3rd Party Laboratory Test

Best For:  Builds Lean Muscle. Less potent then other SARMs. Minimal side effects. 

How to Use: 30-50 mg/day. For best results, use for a minimum of 8-12 weeks.

Recommendations: Always combine with a suitable diet and exercise program. 


NEO sarms - Andarine/S4

Classification: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM)
Structure Non-steroidal
Standard Aryl-propionamide derivative
Estrogenic Activity None
Progestational Activity None
Water Retention: None
Aromatization: None
Hepatotoxicity Mild
Active Half-life: 4-6 hours
Recommended Dosage: 25-75 mg/day

SARMs General Info

Modern SARMs do not have a steroidal origin and have a non-steroidal structure.SARMs are compounds with high anabolic activity (muscle growth) and almost zero androgenic activity.SARMs were designed to replicate the benefits of AAS without prevalent steroids side effects, such as hair loss, acne, prostate hypertrophy in men.SARMs are also very popular among female athletes, mainly because virilization or masculinization is not a concern compared to AAS.
Another significant benefit is lower hepatotoxicity compared to oral AAS.
SARMs have become a trendy alternative to AAS in various sports communities.

Andarine General Info

Andarine is a second-generation Selective Androgen Receptor (SARM). It was created to treat muscle wasting, osteoporosis, and prostate cancer. Currently, Andarine is not available as a prescription drug. Please note that the manufacturing cost of high-quality SARMs is high. We strongly recommend getting Andarine only from a reliable source.

Andarine in Sports

Andarin is used for physique and performance purposes. Andarin shows a similar anabolic effect as Testosterone P.
Andarin significantly increases strength and body weight and promotes dramatic fat loss.
No wonder why more and more athletes are turning their heads in the SARMs direction. As we can see, Andarine provides the most critical AAS benefits without a negative impact on the prostate and minimal HTPA inhibition.

Andarine Main Benefits

Muscle and strength gains (documented and proven by multiple info sources)
Fat loss (confirmed and verified by various info sources)
Low HTPA inhibition

Andarine Administration Men

Recommended dosage range 25-75 mg/day
We strongly recommend splitting dosages: morning and evening
Recommended cycle length 4-12 weeks

Andarine Administration Women

Recommended dosage range 10-30 mg/day
We strongly recommend splitting dosages: morning and evening
Recommended cycle length 4-8 weeks

Administration General

We strongly recommend tapering up the dosage until a comfortable dosage level is achieved. Please start with the minimum recommended dosage (25mg/day Men and 10mg/day for Women) and increase the dosage by +10 mg/day Men and by +5mg/day for Women every seven days.

Effective Cycles Samples

Andarine is very versatile and can be used on its own or stacked with other SARMs.

Andarine Only Cycle
Primary Goals: Strenght Increase and Moderate Mass Gains
1 Week 25 mg/day
2 Week 35 mg/day
3 Week 45 mg/day
4 Week 55 mg/day
5 Week 65 mg/day
6 Week 75 mg/day

Andarine and Cardarine Cycle
Primary Goal: Fat Loss and Strenght Increase
1 Week Andarine 25 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
2 Week Andarine 35 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
3 Week Andarine 45 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
4 Week Andarine 55 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
5 Week Andarine 65 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
6 Week Andarine 75 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
7 Week Andarine 75 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day
8 Week Andarine 75 mg/day Cardarine 20 mg/day

Possible Side Effects

Less than 3 % of users reported short-term vision problems. They are mainly adjusting the vision from darkness to light. If this side effect occurs, please lower the dosage. If lowering the dosage does not fix the problem, please make a break for 2-3 days and resume the compound at lower dosages.

Natural Testosterone Suppression
Andarine taken in doses to promote muscle gains negatively influences the HTPA axis and suppresses endogenous test production. Proper use and PCT are highly recommended.

Post Cycle Therapy

The biggest and most dangerous myth about SARMs is that they do not suppress endogenous testosterone production, so Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is not needed after SARM s cycles.
Please note that ANY substance that activates any receptors (androgen, progesterone, or estrogen) will cause to some extent a reduction in the endogenous production of sex hormones. Some compounds have a lesser effect, and some are powerful suppressants.
Andarine is a SARM with moderate HPTA suppression.

Effective PCT after Andarine Cycles
1 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex
2 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex
3 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex
4 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex
5 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex
6 Week 10 mg/day Nolvadex


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