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Pramipexole (Mirapex) 1mg/10tabs - anti prolactin | Cobalt

Brand: PharmaScience, Canada

Trade Name: Mirapex

Packing: 1mg/10tabs


Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Cobalt, Canada

Substance: Pramipexole

Pack: 1mg/10tabs


Pramipexole works as a dopamine receptor and affects the D2 receptors within our body. In most cases the product is used to lower prolactin levels and affect dopamine production as well. By lowering prolactin levels Pramipexole is extremely beneficial to steroid users because it can work to reduce unwanted side effects. Any indication of gyno or progestrone-based side effects can be eliminated with the use of this medication and even beneficial for starving off prolactin levels while using steroids that contain Trenbolone and nandrolone.


substance Pramipexole


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