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Testosterone Gel 25mg/g (50g) - Hormone Cream | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Testo Gel (cream)

Packing: 20mg/g - 50g cream


Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Innovagen

Active Ingredient: Testosterone

Pack: 20mg/ml - 50g topical serum



TestoGel contains 25mg of transdermal hydroalcoholic testosterone gel per gram. It has transdermal bioavailability of approximately 10%. This means that each 2.5 gram dose will deliver approximately 2.5mg of hormone systemically. Apply 1 cubic centimeter by eye.

With mode of administration, testosterone levels begin to elevate approximately 30 minutes after the gel is applied to the body, and substantial elevations in serum androgen levels are achieved within 4 hours. Testosterone levels will remain elevated for approximately 24 hours after administration, so that the drug is applied once per day. Regular dosing will provide a steady hormone balance over each 24-hour period.

Innovagen Testo Gel (Testosterone) is used to treat signs of androgen deficiency (AD) syndromes in males. This gel is usually applied in testosterone replacement treatment if a male suffers from reduced testosterone level.

- recovers natural production of testosterone and will return it to normal level

- removes all the symptoms of hormonal deficiency

- gives a possibility to own testosterone to exert its normal effects

- recommended dose constitutes 25-50mg daily.


substance Testosterone


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