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Finasteride - Proscar 5mg/30tabs by Teva

Brand: Auro, Canada

Trade Name: Proscar

Packing: 5mg/30tabs


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Manufacturer: Teva Canada Ltd., Canada

Substance: Finasteride

Pack: 5mg/30tabs


Finasteride is otherwise known as proscar and it has been shown to reduce hair loss in men almost completely eliminating male pattern baldness.
Some may know this medication under its common name of propecia.
It works as a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. It works by inhibiting this enzyme and effectively conferring certain steroids in the body to produce hair growth.
It can convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and treated number of androgen dependent diseases such as alopecia, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer and more. Depending on the dosage it can be beneficial for these reasons.
The recommended dosage for hair loss is 1.25 mg daily For prostate enlargement 5 mg daily is recommended. Women should not take this product.


substance Finasteride


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