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Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride injection USP 270mg/30ml

Brand: BD, Canada

Trade Name: Bacteriostatic Water

Packing: 30ml vial


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  • Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride injection USP 270mg/30ml


    Bacteriostatic water is a liquid substance used for making solutions of pharmaceutical products. 1 milliliter of this substance contains 0.9 mg of benzyl alcohol.

    Bacteriostatic water for injections is produced by different manufacturers, and has a wide range of usage, for example, in medicine it is used for drugs dilution requiring safe and long-term storage in the form of ready solutions.

    As for using bacteriostatic water in sports, it is mainly used to produce peptide drugs injections (various peptides, HCG, HGH). Since it can be difficult to purchase it in the pharmacy (it is practically not available for sale separately, and often comes with other drugs), buying in online stores becomes the only possible solution for athletes.

    Bacteriostatic water for injections

    Firstly, it’s necessary to note that this substance was made as a solvent for parenteral use (injectable and infusible solutions) to support the optimum compatibility of substrates and water. However, do NOT use it orally or in any other way.

    Structurally speaking, bacteriostatic water is a sterile, nonpyrogenic water with benzyl alcohol (phenylcarbinol - simplest aromatic alcohol) at a concentration of 9 mg per 1 ml. Benzyl alcohol is added as a bacteriostatic preservative, which in fact explains the name of the drug.

    Why did they add benzyl alcohol though, you may ask? The main advantage lies in the significant anti-bacterial properties, that is, in solution protection from bacteria damaging. Such damages are dangerous not due to the decrease of pharmacological agents effectiveness but due to negative local reactions on injections.

    Bacteriostatic (germicidal) water for injections has one more important advantage. It increases shelf life of many substances diluted with it. In particular, let’s take peptides for example: when dissolving HGH Frag (176-191) and CJC-1295 DAC with bacteriostatic water, the shelf life increases up to 25 and 30 days respectively. In case of using common solvents, these figures will be much lower – 8-15 days.

    Therefore, if you plan long-term storage of peptides in the form of solution, the bacteriostatic water for injections becomes your best option. The same can be said about other drugs of sports pharmacy, which are available in powder or other form for further dilution. The only exceptions to this rule are only those drugs in which the instruction indicates a particular solvent, as the only option for the use.

    Use of injections with bacteriostatic water

    It is pretty much a universal fluid for injections, without contraindications and is suitable for patients of different sex and age. However, if a user suffers from multiple allergic reactions to various medicine drugs, it’s best to consult your physician to avoid potential risks.

    Instructions for the use of bacteriostatic water depend largely on the particular drug that will be diluted with it. I.e. solvent dose and shelf life of the solution may vary in individual cases. Concrete example on this subject with the peptides HGH Frag and CJC-1295 DAC was mentioned above.

    Method of bacteriostatic water usage, in turn, is almost always identical, therefore it is possible to identify some general rules for the making of injections. First, prior to dilution, sterility is the first priority - take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and rub other completing parts with it.

    Secondly, water for injections must be input slowly into the container of the drug so that it flows on its walls. After that it is not recommended to shake the content liquid for rapid dissolution, in some cases, you can gently stir, but it is better to wait for natural mixing.

    Instructions for use of bacteriostatic water indicate that this fluid actually has no side effects, so it is relatively harmless if you use it correctly and at recommended doses. As it was already mentioned, it does not have contraindications and does not cause harm, in case of proper storage and usage.


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