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Melanotan 2 (Tanning, Libido) 10mg/vial | Apoxar

Brand: Apoxar, Canada

Packing: 10mg/vial


Quick Overview

Best For:  Causes skin pigmentation. Increases libido. Enhances erection (2 hours after injection). Helps to Burn Fat. Helps to suppress appetite

How to Use: 500-1000 mcg per day. The results will appear gradually over 1-3 weeks.


Melanotan 2

Melanotan is a peptide that stimulates the synthesis of melanin and determines the tanning of the skin. It is a synthetic analog of natural melanocortin that has aphrodisiac properties, as research confirms. Initially, Melanotan (1) was used to protect against skin cancer since the melanin pigment performs a protective function, blocking ultraviolet rays. Still, then, due to its short half-life, it was modified, turned out to be several times more powerful, and is now wholly analogous to the peptide, which is approved for human use and is known as Melanotan (2). 


  • Causes skin pigmentation 
  • Increases libido 
  • Enhances erection (2 hours after injection) 
  • Helps to Burn Fat 
  • Helps to suppress appetite

Administration & Dosage

The standard daily dose of Melanotan 2 is 500-1000 mcg to achieve the desired tan. It is recommended to perform the first injection with a low amount of 100-200 μg to assess individual tolerance. An accurate calculation is not required per kilogram of body weight, as doses vary widely. The results will appear gradually over 1-3 weeks. To accelerate pigmentation, you can visit a solarium or sunbathe in the sun. 

The substance is injected subcutaneously with an insulin syringe, dissolved in water for injection. Before drug administration, it is necessary to cool the bottle to room temperature and introduce the required water volume for injection (which should flow down the wall of the bottle), then stir with rotating movements (do not shake). The prepared solution can be stored for 14-20 days in the refrigerator. 

Side Effects: 

When used correctly, the substance should not cause side effects; however, in other cases, it is possible: 

  • Redness of the skin 
  • Nausea 
  • Fever 
  • Dark spots on the skin that can grow in size (this is a reversible effect) 
  • Complications on the cardiovascular system 
  • Prolonged erection


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