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Noopept Injection 20mg/ml - Hypra Nootropic | Innovagen

Brand: Innovagen

Trade Name: Noopept

Packing: 20mg/ml - 10ml

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Manufacturer: Innovagen

Substance: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester

Pack: 20mg/ml - 10ml


Innovagen Depot Noopept

Nootropic drugs are widely used to treat a variety of brain lesions and intelligence decrease. In fact, these medications protect the brain from various injuries and restore its higher functions. Noopept is one of them.

Mechanism of action

The main mechanism of Innovagen Injectable Noopept action lies in influencing the metabolism of the brain, and improvement of energy metabolism. Brain cells that received additional portion of energy for the biochemical processes, need less oxygen and remain active in case of its deficit.

This is a very important feature, because in most cases, brain function decrease in case of oxygen deficiency. It happens when a patient suffers from atherosclerosis (cholesterol plaques partially overlap the lumen of blood vessels), ischemic stroke (the same plaque or a blood clot completely block the lumen) after traumatic brain injury (adhesive processes compress blood vessels and partially break their lumen).

As a result of all these processes a non-inflammatory lesion of the brain cells of different origin is formed, which is called encephalopathy.

Under the influence of Innovagen Hydra-Nootropic brain cells begin gradually recover, improve their connections with other cells, both located nearby and in the other parencephalon, as well as links between the cells of the cerebral cortex and subcortical sites that perform the commands of the cerebral cortex. Such connections play a major role in the restoration of the higher brain functions.

Depot Noopept also exerts a neuroprotective effect, i.e. it protects the brain cells from any damage. On the basis of research it has been found that if an ischemic stroke (it occurs in case of blood vessel blockage) occurred in patients who took Noopept, the area of ​​the damaged nerve cells was significantly less than in patients with ischemic stroke who did not take nootropics.

The recovery period after stroke, traumatic brain injuries, toxic and inflammatory brain lesions also proceeded faster during Noopept therapy.

Noopept actively influences the free radicals formed as a result of redox reactions. It is known that free radicals cause aging brain damages. Noopept prevents their affection on the brain - an antioxidant effect.

Finally, it was found that Noopept exerts antithrombotic effect. It happens due to improved blood rheology, i.e. its flow through the blood vessels. What is more, Noopept prevents agglutination (aggregation) of platelets.

Stuck platelets are the nucleus from which clots are formed, so antiagregatine action in conjunction with the improvement of the rheological properties of blood eliminates the risk of blood clots in the blood vessels of the brain.


As a result of all these processes under the influence of Noopept brain functions are gradually recovered. A few days after starting taking the drug fears, anxiety, irritability, mood swings disappear and night's sleep is gradually recovered.

After a longer course of treatment (about three weeks) higher brain functions - intelligence, memory, ability to perceive something new, ability to focus on certain subjects and problems for a long time are also improved.

Certainly, the restoration of the higher functions of the brain is a slow process, you will need a lot of courses of this drug, but positive changes will become more noticeable.

Noopept is widely used in the treatment of patients after stroke, brain injuries, after inflammatory diseases of the brain (encephalitis and meningoencephalitis), after a variety of toxic effects on the brain (eg, alcohol, drugs, some psychotropic drugs).

Moreover, it is used in the treatment and prevention of senile dementia - it can significantly slow down the process of brain cells aging and the disruption of its higher functions.

Noopept is contraindicated for patients who are hypersensitive to the drug components, during pregnancy, breast-feeding and for children. These restrictions can be explained by the fact that there were no clinical trials of the drug in these groups of patients. Under laboratory conditions, no adverse effects on the fetus were detected during pregnancy.

During drug therapy some side effects such as high blood pressure are possible. In addition, of course, some allergic reactions may also occur.


The effective Innovagen Depot Noopept dosage should start at 10mg daily and gradually increased to 30mg.


substance p-Cl-Phenylpiracetam


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